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CBT-E Training

What Is CBT-E?

CBT-E stands for Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It is one of the leading evidence-based treatments for eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and other similar states.

CBT-E was originally developed as an outpatient treatment for adults. A version of the treatment is available for younger people, and it is also available as an intensive form for day patients and inpatients. It is a highly individualized treatment that focuses on the factors that maintain the disorder, with the therapist creating a version of CBT-E to match the eating problems of the person receiving treatment.



Who Provides CBT-E Training?

Access to the training is funded by Health Education England in partnership with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. The online training has been developed by the Center for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO) with funding from The Wellcome Trust.

Who Should Take CBT-E Training?

To receive online CBT-E training, therapists need to meet these criteria:

  • Have a genuine desire to learn CBT-E
  • Have already received training in the delivery of short-term psychological treatments
  • Currently work with patients/clients who have eating disorders
  • Be able to recruit one or more suitable training cases prior to starting the training, and be able to treat them while following the online training program 
  • Be able to devote the time needed to complete the Course (11 to 15 hours online over two to six months) plus the time needed to treat one or more training case

Please note that any clinicians undertaking training are responsible for (1) adhering to appropriate regulatory requirements for those who deliver psychological therapy and (2) ensuring that they are knowledgeable about managing the risks associated with working with patients with eating disorders.

What Does CBT-E Training Include?

The online CBT-E training program is designed to help clinicians implement CBT-E well. It centers on a collection of video presentations by an expert on the treatment, and it is in three sections:

The Introduction

A brief account of the nature and style of CBT-E

The Course

A detailed and practical description of how to implement CBT-E

The Library

A repository of training material that can be accessed at any time

How Can I Receive CBT-E Training?

To be considered for this free online training, email Access is granted after an eligibility check. Access to the training is funded by Health Education England in partnership with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. The training website has been developed by the Center for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO) and its development has been funded by The Wellcome Trust.

Visit the CBT-E website for more information about the online training process:

Certificate of Completion

Clinicians should be able to document time spent using the program as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CREDO can provide a certificate of completion, on request, once a clinician has completed the training.

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